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    I Was Born Precious and Sacred

    With simple language and natural photographs, I Was Born Precious and Sacred acknowledges culturally integral concepts that promote the sacredness of life, the building of positive self-esteem, and an awareness of children’s rights to be safe, loved and respected. Readers and listeners of all ages will be reminded that every aspect of a child is sacred and valuable and that each of us must work to preserve and nurture their minds, bodies, spirits and hearts.
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    Six Stinky Feet and a Sasquatch


    Annie is a little girl who loves to play in the rainforest. When Annie meets a giant new friend amongst the trees, she can hardly believe her eyes- or her nose! Join her as she learns about her new stinky pal: he’s ticklish! He shows her how to weave a soft nest with leaves and branches, a secret cave and how to hide behind logs and trees. She teaches him new games and how to give a high five. Annie tries to turn her mother into a Bigfoot believer, but nothing works until the day Annie brings her new friend home for a bubbly bath – then hilarity and chaos begin. Extra content and resources will leave readers wondering about the legend and science behind this mysterious creature.

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    Canadian Monster Club – The Summer Picnic


    Every Canada Day, monsters from each province and territory gather to celebrate the Canadian Monster Club Picnic. It gets messy! Food fights, swamp hockey and scaring humans are just some of the activities the monsters engage in. The book contains catchy monster chants, monster searches and plenty of Canuck humour. Each friendly, fun-filled monster is based on real Canadian folklore, First Nations legend or an actual historical sighting. Ages 4-9 years.

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    Looking After Me

    A sweet story about a little Quail who, through the love of his family, learns life lessons about feelings, emotions and expressing oneself. Written for children of all backgrounds, with colorful illustrations, this story shares the important message of healthy living.
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    All Creation Represented Book


    The Medicine Wheel offers holistic and relational ways of understanding the self, the family, the community, the natural and spiritual world. The book introduces the concept of a Medicine Wheel, highlighting the significance of the associated ancestral teachings as it discusses various aspects of human well-being, the physical world, and Indigenous culture. This book is designed as an education resource, and embodies First Peoples Principles of Learning.

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    The Bears Medicine


    A mother bear shares with her cubs how to be grateful for all they have in the natural world. The Bear’s Medicine shows the interconnectedness of all things in the world they live in and how each season brings changes and blessings for the bears. It is a story of a mother’s love for her children as she teaches them how to survive. Ages 6-8.

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    The Lively Forest Book


    The Lively Forest brims with community and connections! Come wander, explore and discover the playful trails and meet the diverse animals and plants that call the forest home. Building on her award-winning book, The Mighty River, Ginalina again weaves together look-and-find excitement and early nature observations. The Lively Forest invites care for the forest in readers of all ages.

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    Feeling Sleepy Board Book


    Follow Panda and her drowsy friends to bedtime! This remarkable picture book is based on popular relaxation techniques for children. Reading it with small children is a simple but very effective way to encourage the little ones to drop off to sleep. It provides a stress-free end of the day for children and their parents.

  • Jellycat Otto’s Snowy Christmas Book


    In Otto’s Snowy Christmas, we join our favourite dachshund as he heads out into the snow! Otto’s legs are a little too little, so his friends have to help him out of the drifts. A hardcover book for eager readers, with gentle rhymes and bright illustrations.

  • Jellycat The Naughty Penguins Book


    The Naughty Penguins is a tale of mischief and polar pranks! When three cheeky chicks play horrible tricks, they soon find they’re out of their depth! A gorgeous hardback with sweet illustrations for snowy storytimes.

  • British Columbia Lullaby Book


    The newest in the Baby Lullaby Souvenir series, this lovely, best-selling portrait of BC highlights the various regions from forests to vineyards to the Pacific Ocean. The text is a gentle lullaby for the very young, and the images will appeal to anyone living in beautiful BC. A wonderful gift for locals and visitors alike.

  • Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids Book


    If you’re tired of power struggles, yelling and searching for the right “consequence” look no further. You’re about to discover the practical tools you need to transform your parenting in a positive, proven way.

  • Up for Days


    Local Author Keenan Hopson’s great new book!

  • JellyCat The Very Brave Lion Book


    In The Very Brave Lion, a little cub talks to his daddy about growing up. He learns it’s ok to be scared sometimes, and that kindness and love are all that matters. A poetry fable with plenty of heart and beautifully sweet illustrations.