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  • organic herbal all natural baby rash salve cream diaper

    Baby Bottom Better- Diapering Salve


    All natural Diaper Salve is rich with skin-loving herbs like calendula, flower, plantain, and chickweed, without the use of harmful chemicals, parabens or fragrances.

  • reusable cloth swim diaper environmentally friendly

    Green Sprouts Eco Snap Reusable Swim Diaper – Pastel Rainbows


    No other diaper necessary! Economical and creates less waste—Save money and reduce waste with our machine-washable, reusable swim diaper compared to disposable swim diapers. Pool approved!

  • laundry treatment cloth diaper treatments stripper

    GroVia Mighty Bubbles Laundry Treatment


    Introducing Mighty Bubbles: the ultimate solution for tough stains and odors. Our powerful cleaning formula is specifically designed to tackle the toughest messes and leave your clothes, linens, and fabrics fresh and clean. Whether you’re dealing with grass stains, red wine spills, or pet odors, Mighty Bubbles has you covered.

  • GroVia No-Prep Soaker Pad

    Original price was: $25.95.Current price is: $18.17.

    Looking for a no-hassle, long-lasting absorbency option? We’ve got you covered with our GroVia No-Prep Soaker Pad. Forget prepping with multiple washes before use – this convenient Soaker Pad is ready to go after just one wash! 2 per pack.

  • GroVia O.N.E Diaper

    Original price was: $34.95.Current price is: $24.47.

    The O.N.E diaper is the best all in one diaper (fits 10-35+ pounds) because it comes with everything parents need to cloth diaper a baby: enough absorbency to forget boosters and doublers (even overnight), two built-in closure options, and a heavy-duty construction that is built to last.

  • GroVia My Choice Trainer


    Your child will love potty training with cloth training pants. 18-35 lbs+

  • GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pad

    Original price was: $29.95.Current price is: $20.97.

    GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pads are truly pure and natural. A “two-ply” design speeds dryer time, true elastic leg gussets contain messes, and a waterproof backing keeps your GroVia Shells clean and dry. Snaps perfectly into place from 8-30+ lbs. Pairs perfectly with the GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper Shell. 2 per pack.

  • GroVia Stay Dry Booster

    Original price was: $15.25.Current price is: $10.68.

    Need more absorbency? Simply lay one of our fleece topped boosters on top of your Soaker Pad to keep your baby’s skin feeling dry. Perfect for naps and night time. 2 per pack.

  • gender neutral cloth diaper

    GroVia Newborn All in One Cloth Diaper

    Original price was: $22.95.Current price is: $16.07.

    Our newborn all in one cloth diapers were designed to specifically meet the needs of newborn babies. A trim fit, soft materials, and easy use make this newborn cloth diaper our top-selling diaper for the tiniest bundles! Fits 5 – 12 pounds.

  • AMP Diaper Sprayer


    This handy little tool will make cloth diapering a little easier for caregivers. This diaper sprayer is very easy to install and makes cleanup a breeze. You can also use the diaper sprayer for personal hygiene so this is great for the whole household.

  • cloth diaper soap

    Rockin Green – Classic Rock


    Get clean clothes with no frills, no scents, and certainly no harmful ingredients, AKA parabens, phosphates, optical brighteners, SLS/SLES or dyes. Classic Rock is biodegradable, non-allergenic, plant-based, and friendly to your family and the environment. Happy family. Happy planet. Happy you!

  • one size cloth diaperone size cloth diaper

    AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Covers One Size

    Original price was: $24.95.Current price is: $17.47.

    These Made in Canada one-size cloth diapers are a must for your cloth diaper stash!

  • all in one cloth diaperall in one cloth diaper

    AMP Diaper One Size Duo – Solid


    The intelligent snap placement of the one size duo diaper allows you to have three different rise options and multiple tummy and thigh settings for a custom fit from birth to potty training (7-38lbs).

  • fun print cloth diaperprinted one size cloth diaper

    AMP One Size Duo Diaper – Printed


    Fits from birth to potty! These cloth diapers are versatile, trim fitting for under clothing and best of all Made in Canada!

  • AMP 2 Layer Bamboo Insert


    Soft ultra absorbent fleece bamboo liner. Use with any cloth diapers!