Banz Earmuffs 2y+


Planning on taking your kids to loud sporting events, concerts, or on airplane rides? Protect your kids’ ears with BANZ earmuffs. Fits 2 years and up.

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Whether it’s a summer festival, a sporting event or fireworks night, these Kids Ear Defenders will become your go-to to keep loud noises and tears at bay. Easy to wear, these cute kids earmuffs have foam-filled cushions, which mean they cover kids ears comfortably & properly. They’re also lightweight at just 190 grams. Let’s get ready to rumble…

Kids Earmuffs are perfect for all sorts of activities including:

  • When you take your kid to an event with a lot of noise. Such as a festival, parade, airshows, carnival, (wedding) party, sports events or motor races.
  • When you do DIY chores in your house or garden which produce a lot of noise, such as drilling, grinding or cutting grass.
  • When a sibling plays music, puts on a show or has a sports event.


  • Over-ear design
  • Provides hearing protection from loud noises
  • Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand for easy storage/carry
  • Soft head band and cushion cups ensure comfort for kids
  • Kids earmuffs are recommended for ages 2 years+ and up
  • Weight 190 grams (6.7 oz)
  • NRR 31
  • Mean Attenuation @ 500Hz 35.3dB
  • Mean Attenuation @ 1000Hz 48.3dB

Hand wash or wipe down with soapy water, avoid wetting inside of the cup and foam

Should you find the ear defenders too tight, they can be stretched slightly. Simply place two chairs back to back, and stretch the ear muffs over the two chairs. alternatively you can leave them open over a doorway. After leaving the ear muffs for a while, they will have stretched by a small amount, making them a bit less tight when worn.


Always use this product with adult supervision