Feeling Sleepy


Follow Panda and her drowsy friends to bedtime! This remarkable picture book is based on popular relaxation techniques for children. Reading it with small children is a simple but very effective way to encourage the little ones to drop off to sleep. It provides a stress-free end of the day for children and their parents.

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The sun starts to set and the cub gives a yawn
He’s pounced and he’s played with his sisters since dawn.
If you open your mouth and breathe very deeply,
You’ll yawn like a lion and start to feel sleepy.

Touch the lion cub’s pink tongue, the panda’s soft fur, the polar bear’s white leg and drift off to sleep.

A book perfect for parents who want to be closer to their children, while also encouraging them into healthy and positive activities for sleeping.

Andrea Pinnington and Caz Buckingham have one main objective — to inspire the next generation to get out and appreciate the natural world. The wonder of the sound book format is that it allows them to take children and their families to places they may never visit in a wonderfully multi-sensory and immediate way. Caz Buckingham and Andrea Pinnington are the founders of Fine Feather Press, which promotes a love of nature in children from an early age. They live near Farnham, UK.

The book features a group of 6 attractive animals doing natural things, related to bedtime. It has an amusing, rhyming text opposite a winning picture of a familiar animal, and a die-cut space in the photograph for some appropriate, faux “fur” or “feathers” to poke through, and to be touched, stroked and enjoyed by the child. Additional foil stamping adds the sparkle of snow, starlight and moonlight. It is a hardcover board book, with rounded corners and very endearing text and photos.

Feeling Sleepy will be a family favorite.

Boardbook 12 pages
Publisher: Firefly Books
Published: November 17, 2021
Audience: Ages 3-6
Subjects: Juvenile Fiction
Animals – Baby Animals
Bedtime & Dreams
Social Themes – Friendship
Physical Dimensions: 6.5″ x 7″