Munchables Kids Chipmunk Necklace


This beaded necklace features Munchables standard smooth, round silicone beads. Round beads have slightly more “squish” than pendants and can be preferred by some children. Try removing the knots on either end of the beaded section so that beads can move freely on the cord for a different sensory experience. This style is appropriate for mild-moderate chewers. Ages 3+

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  • Diverts Chewing – Recommended by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT) to safely divert chewing away from fingers, clothing and more. (Source 2019 Report)
  • Regulates Behavior – The CAOT also state that Munchables not only redirect chewing but also to “provide potential regulating effects for the sensory system – reducing – reducing fidgeting and promoting attention and focus.”
  • Stylish and Durable– Munchables chew necklaces are made of tear-resistant silicone that is ideal for mild and moderate chewers. More aggressive chewers should use chew necklaces designed just for them, such as the Donut, Scribbles, Yummy Gummy or Tire Pendants. However, no chewable jewelry is indestructible – please inspect any chewy product for signs of wear.

The Kids’ Chipmunk Necklace is approximately 21″ in length.

PLEASE NOTE: Regularly inspect item for signs of wear and discard the product immediately if damage is found. Designed for children ages 3 and up. NEVER put necklaces or bracelets on babies or leave your child unattended with any jewelry. Clasps are not designed to be chewed on.