Sunday Afternoons Infant SunSprout Hat – Vivid Magenta


Designed with an infant’s needs in mind, this hat packs up in a diaper bag, transitions easily to a stroller with no back brim to get in the way, washes up like a breeze, and adjusts with baby’s growing head. The easy chinstrap ensures zero fuss with putting it on or taking it off. Welcome the newest member of the Sunday Afternoons family—the Infant Sun Sprout Hat! It’s hard to beat the enjoyment of a day in the sun, unless it’s a day spent in the shady pleasantness of a UPF 50+ hat.

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Packable and crushable this hat lets you toss it in the diaper bag, pack it in the stroller or stuff it in a pocket so your little one is never without sun protection.

Soft hook-and-loop chinstrap is strong enough to keep your baby from pulling the hat off, yet forgiving enough to break away if given a good tug.

Soft and comfortable neck cape makes it easy for an infant to lean back in either a stroller or child carrier without the hat coming off.

Elastic sizing expands comfortably with an infant’s growing head.


15″ – 17.37″

17.37″ – 18.5″